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About the ISVMA

Benefits of Membership

Doctors of Veterinary Medicine in Illinois rely upon the ISVMA to provide them with a unified voice and to help them advance their profession. ISVMA members all benefit from the programs and services offered by their association:

Legislative & Regulatory Advocacy: This is the service that makes ISVMA different from every other association that a veterinarian practicing in Illinois may join. Only the ISVMA represents the veterinary profession every day in the Illinois General Assembly and with the agencies that regulate the profession. ISVMA has its finger on the pulse of every legislative maneuver that could affect the veterinary profession in Illinois. The ISVMA is the only organization that constantly monitors the status of Illinois veterinary licenses and continually monitors, reviews and amends the Illinois Veterinary Medical and Surgery Practice Act and its regulations to keep veterinarians secure in the knowledge that their license to practice is protected.

Continuing Education: ISVMA offers forums for exchange of current scientific information and practical experience presented by nationally known speakers. Also available, at the Annual Conference, is an opportunity to visit many comprehensive exhibits of new and proven veterinary medical materials, instruments, services and equipment.

Legal Assistance: ISVMA retains legal counsel that provides free initial legal consultation to ISVMA members on issues that may impact the profession. We also maintain a substantial collection of legal opinions and issue white-papers that provide guidance on many common legal issues.

Research & Information: The ISVMA is an essential resource for questions and concerns regarding all aspects of the veterinary profession.

Important Data: The ISVMA has been designated a recorder of veterinary continuing education credit in Illinois by the Department of Professional Regulation and we validate member approved hours to the Department during an audit if requested.

Sponsored Benefit Programs: ISVMA sponsors a number of benefit programs designed to help veterinary practices operate more efficiently and increase profits! Programs offered include discount merchant services (credit card processing), debt collection, and check recovery.

Publications: The EPITOME is a 28-page newsletter full of important and interesting commentaries and information; some of which may impact a veterinarian's license or area of practice. Continuing education and employment opportunities are available in every issue. The E-SOURCE is an on-line newsletter that can be e-mailed to members to update them on the most current news and information affecting the profession.

Ten Reasons You Should Belong to ISVMA:

1. Influence laws and regulations. You don’t have time to follow everything going on in the Illinois legislature or regulatory agencies, but you can still keep attuned to the legislative and regulatory issues affecting you and your profession. The ISVMA will continue monitoring these pertinent issues and let you know when to take action.

2. Lifelong learning opportunities. No one can match the ISVMA's educational advantages. Through local workshops, seminars, conventions and conferences and vendor exhibitions; you have a special "pipeline" to new industry techniques and ideas. Our objective is to provide affordable, accessible and high-quality continuing education programs for veterinarians and other veterinary practice personnel.

3. Access to the experience of others. Formal education and hands-on experience are invaluable for advancement. However, once you're in the real world, you need to constantly get a different perspective. Knowledge gathered through exchanges beyond your own work place can let you see things in a different light. Through peer exchange, you get a feel for where you stand in the industry and where you need to go.

4. Increased clout. Associations are a great place to raise your level of competence and respect within your profession. Although you may not always feel like you're moving ahead, getting and remaining involved in professional activities will bring you and your profession to another level.

5. Frequent updates on changes in the profession. As change occurs at a faster pace, keeping track of the latest information will become increasingly difficult. However, through publications like the electronic E-SOURCE Newsletter and the printed Epitome, educational sessions, and the ISVMA web site, you'll hear about the newest innovations and never question whether you're behind the times. With this information, you can do your job in a more timely and economical manner.

6. Quality services. The ISMVA is equipped to handle your questions and calls for specialized help and professional information. No matter the challenge, count on your association to respond quickly and aptly. ISVMA has the advantage of being able to tap into its membership for extra, expert advice.

7. Volunteering builds credibility. When you belong to an association, your peers realize you're serious about your future. Association membership provides what you need to advance, and others will take note. As an association volunteer, you show your dedication through action and can venture into areas of expertise.

8. Find mentors – or become a mentor. As an association member, you can seek out multiple mentors who are more than willing to offer advice and the benefit of their experiences. If you have experience and expertise to share, you might find becoming a mentor to be one of your most rewarding professional experiences.

9. Connection to the profession. When you're faced with challenges unique to your profession, it's smart to talk and network with colleagues who have lived your experience. Associations hold the collective wisdom of members of all sizes and financial resources.

10. Membership is an investment in your future. Day to day work experience advances your individual opportunities. Your association advances your profession.

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