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How to Place a Classified Ad

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Connect with nearly 1000 Illinois veterinary clinics and hospitals.

Policies and Rates to Advertise

Classified Ads

Print Rates

•ISVMA members pay discounted rate of $50 for the first 40 words, $0.35 each additional word.

•Non-members pay $75.00 for the first 40 words, $0.45 for each additional word.

•Unemployed ISVMA members may place a "Seeking Employment" ad free of charge for up to six months.

Online Rates

•ISVMA members receive a complimentary posting on the ISVMA website with the purchase of a print ad.

•Non-members may pay an additional fee of $20 to have their ad appear both in print and online.

•ISVMA members may choose to pay for ONLY online advertising for a MONTHLY fee of $35 (limit 200 words).

•Non-members may choose to pay for ONLY online advertising for a MONTHLY fee of $60 (limit 200 words).

Counting Words

Any hyphenated word is considered as multiple words, each section counting as one word. If using a post office box, P.O. is considered two words, box is considered one word and the following box number is one word. Cities and states consisting of two words or more are considered as multiples (i.e. Downers Grove would be considered two words). Internet or email addresses count as one word. Telephone numbers (with area code) are considered one word.

If the ISVMA finds a discrepancy in counting that significantly affects the amount owed, you will be contacted by a member of the staff to discuss any refund or excess charge due. If unsure, leave the rate/word count information blank and ISVMA staff will count for you and invoice you for the ad.

Publication Deadlines, Distribution and Posting


Month of Distribution

Deadline to Submit

No. 1 - Summer


June 1

No. 2 - Pre-Convention


September 1

No. 3 - Winter


December 1

No. 4 - Spring


March 1


Classified ads purchased for online posting, after confirmation of payment, will be posted immediately on the ISVMA website and remain online for 30 days. If purchased to also appear in print, the web ad will run through the end of the EPITOME publication date in which it appears.


If there are errors, notify ISVMA immediately. ISVMA does not accept liability for damages that may result from an error or omission in an advertisement.


Cancellations are accepted either in writing or by email and must be received on or before the deadline of the scheduled issue.

Forwarding Instructions

Submit your advertisement in one of three ways:

1) Submit using our online submission form;

2) Submit by email to; or

3) Mail on disk to ISVMA, 1121 Chatham Road, Springfield, IL 62704.


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