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June 10, 2004 Volume 1, Number 13

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    Canine Distemper

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Chicago Tribune Reports 3 Cases of Canine Distemper

The Chicago Tribune reported this morning that there have been 3 cases of canine distemper reported in Chicago. Dog owners are being encouraged to vaccinate their pets.

Chicago Animal Care and Control officials diagnosed two dogs with distemper several weeks ago. The dogs had been in an animal shelter at the same time, and officials believed one contaminated the other, said Nikki Proutsos, executive director. But a few days ago, a stray dog tested positive, Proutsos said, and the source of the virus is still unknown.

Dog owners suspecting a pet has distemper should call their veterinarian to schedule a vaccination, said Proutsos. Distemper has been found elsewhere. The Los Angeles Department of Animal Services announced an outbreak there in late March.