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Volume II, Number 16

        November 24, 2004



Something You May Not Have Known

Were you aware that your executive director is also a professional wildlife photographer who specializes in photographing birds? A new photo will be shown in each future E-SOURCE newsletter. You may click on the image to see a larger version.


CE Calendar Now Online!

It is now more convenient to access information on available continuing education programs! If you are a member of the ISVMA, you can access the CE Calendar from the Member Center of the ISVMA website.

In order to login to the Member Center, you should use your last name (e.g. Smith) and your practice telephone number without any dashes or parenthesis (e.g. 2155551234).

If you have difficulty logging in, contact ISVMA at info@isvma.org and request a username and password that you can easily remember.


Illinois Veterinarians Further Their Emergency Preparedness

More than 100 Illinois veterinarians joined state agency leaders in Springfield on November 18-19 to learn and practice the emergency management plan that state and federal governments use to contain animal diseases.

The Illinois Department of Agriculture organized the training. It is part of the department’s IVERT (Illinois Veterinary Emergency Response Team) initiative, an effort to establish a unified response to animal health emergencies by increasing intergovernmental cooperation and building a partnership between animal health officials and private practitioners.

"A coordinated and swift response can be the difference between containment of a disease to a single farm and widespread infection that causes the death of many livestock and millions of dollars in lost income," Agriculture Director Chuck Hartke said.

The first IVERT training was provided last year and included instruction on the identification of foreign animal diseases and potential bioterrorist agents. This year’s program will cover the Incident Command System (ICS) that state and federal emergency management agencies use when responding to disasters. A hands-on exercise also is planned to allow veterinarians to apply the lessons they have learned in a simulated animal disease outbreak.

"This training will provide veterinarians with the knowledge they need to safely and effectively respond to an accidental or intentional introduction of a disease pathogen," State Veterinarian Dr. Colleen O’Keefe said. "And it’s extremely important because they more than likely will be the first to detect a disease outbreak."

Representatives of the North Carolina State Animal Response Team led the training. The team was among the first to adopt the Incident Command System and has been selected by the USDA to promote its implementation in other states.

The Illinois Emergency Management Agency, University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Illinois Extension, Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association and USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service have helped organize the training.


Coalition Report on the Scope of Veterinary Practice

In August 2004 the Coalition on the Scope of Veterinary Practice – comprised of 12 veterinary organizations – assembled in Denver, Colorado for discussions on threats to the scope of veterinary practice.  The meeting took place in response to increasing activity in state legislatures and with regulatory boards where non-veterinarians seek to deliver healthcare to animals.  The veterinary organizations are concerned that such changes could harm animal patients and endanger public health.  The coalition’s intention is to provide information to policy makers as they consider requests to engage non-veterinarians in the delivery of animal healthcare.  The coalition is developing a white paper that discusses the issues and addresses the veterinarian’s role as the primary provider of animal healthcare.

Just added to the ISVMA Library (accessible through the Member Center on www.isvma.org) is the final report of the Coalition on the Scope of Veterinary Practice. Please review the report and forward any comments you have to info@ismva.org.


What Do You Think?

In a recent E-SOURCE members were asked to participate in a survey regarding the spay/neuter proposal being considered in the Illinois General Assembly. We processed nearly 200 replies (most of the responders were veterinarians – there were a few UI-CVM student responses). The following are the results of the survey:

1.        I am aware of the spay/neuter legislation.

Yes – 83%
No – 17%

2.        I support efforts to control pet overpopulation.

Yes – 95%
No – 4%
No Answer – 1%

3.        I am willing to collect an additional tax on rabies vaccinations to cover the cost of a state spay/neuter program for low income pet owners.

Yes – 11%
No – 85%
No Answer – 4%

4.        I am opposed to taxing good pet owners who bring their animals in for rabies vaccinations to cover the cost of this type of program.

Yes – 90%
No – 8%
No Answer – 2%

5.        I am concerned about any tax that might decrease compliance with rabies vaccinations.

Yes – 95%
No – 4%
No Answer – 1%

6.        I would support a statewide spay/neuter program that is paid for through more equitable funding sources (that doesn't require the veterinarian to collect a tax).

Yes – 80%
No – 20%

7.        I am a regular reader of the Epitome.

Yes – 95%
No – 5%

8.        I appreciate the timeliness and content of the        E-SOURCE Newsletter.

        Yes – 99.3%
        No   - .7%




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