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January 4, 2005                                                                                                             Volume II, Number 20

White Ibis

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CORRECTION for Chicago Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) 2005 Continuing Education Schedule

It has been brought to our attention that the CE dates and speakers for the CVMA listed in the December/January 2005 issue of the Epitome are not accurate.  The January, March, May and June dates ARE NOT correct.  Information from the 2004 calendar was inadvertently listed. 

Please refer to the following information for the updated, and accurate, listing for continuing education opportunities through the Chicago VMA in 2005.


January 12:  OPHTHALMOLOGY.  Hamburger University, Oak Park IL.  Featured Speaker, Dr. Dennis E. Brooks DVM, PhD, DACVO.  Dr. Brooks will begin his presentation with “Eye Examinations Made Ridiculously Simple”  The talk will continue with a comprehensive discussion of the most current therapies in the treatment of complicated corneal ulcers.  Management of lid, lens, uveal and retinal problems of dogs and cats will also be presented.  For more information contact the CVMA office at 630-325-1231.


January 26:  MANAGEMENT.  Featured speaker, Mr. Shawn McVey. MA, MSW.  Shawn McVey returns for a third year to present a series of provocative new topics dealing with the managements of the successful veterinary practice.  Topics will include dealing with stress and burnout, difficult conversations, compliance, marketing and “Primal Leadership and Lessons from Daniel Goldman.”  For more information contact the CVMA office at 630-325-1231.


March 9:  HEMATOLOGY.  Featured speaker, Dr. Ann E. Hohenhaus, DACVIM.  “Immune-Medicated Hematologic Disorders of the Dog’ will be the focus of Dr. Hohenhaus’s morning session.  Her presentation will continue with a case-based discussion of the diagnosis and treatment of various anemias.  For more information contact the CVMA office at 630-325-1231.


June 15:  INFECTIOUS DISEASES.  Featured speaker, Dr. Alice Wolf, DACVIM, DAVBP.  “Vaccines:  The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” will lead Dr. Wolf’s morning presentation.  Included in the day’s topics will be an FIP update, “What’s New, What’s Not” and “Care of the FeLv or FIV Infected Cat.”  For more information contact the CVMA office at 630-325-1231.


The ISVMA apologizes for any confusion and inconvenience this error may have caused.


Mississippi Valley VMA Annual Meeting Now in Spring

The MVVMA will no longer host a Fall Annual Meeting – their annual meeting will now be held in the spring (beginning March 2-3, 2005).

The change in calendar was made by MVVMA in order to accommodate the decision by ISVMA to change its Annual Convention schedule to November (starting November 4-6, 2005).

Please find information on the MVVMA program below: 

The MVVMA Spring Meeting – March 2-3, 2005 

Wednesday March 2, 2005:

Dr. Steve Dullard will discuss how the National Commission on Veterinary Economic Issues (NCVEI) can help increase your practice’s bottom line.

Shawn McVey will share his insight on excellence in practice management.

Dr. Craig Barnett will make a presentation on Infectious Equine respiratory disease in large animals.


Thursday March 3, 2005:


Dr. Todd Tams will make a presentation on gastroenterology.


Join the MVVMA to celebrate their 101st Annual Meeting! Come for the 12 hours of continuing education, and take advantage of the opportunity to network with your colleagues.


The MVVMA Spring Meeting is open to veterinarians and staff. The meeting cost is only $125.00 pre-registration or $150.00 on-site registration for veterinarians. All staff is invited to attend for $50.00 one-day/$75 two-day registration.

Meeting notes will be made available on-line for no charge. Printed notes will be an additional $20 (available in advance only).

For complete information or to request registration forms, please contact:

Dr. Michael Thomas

223 Eureka Road

Washington, IL 61571

(309) 444-2311


For hotel reservations, please call:



(800) 547-0711



Register Online for the ISVMA Spring Seminar!

The Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association (ISVMA) is proud to offer an excellent continuing education seminar designed to develop vital communication skills essential for each member of your practice team. Nationally acclaimed consultant Karyn Gavzer will present:  "It's Not What You Say; It’s How You Say It – Tips and Strategies for Effective Client Communications." 

For more information on this tremendous program or to register please visit:



*There are only 150 spaces available at each of three regional locations for this very popular and useful program.


About the Bird in This Issue…

One of the most numerous wading birds in Florida, and common elsewhere in the southeast, the White Ibis is highly sociable at all seasons, roosting and feeding in flocks, and nesting in large colonies. Note the red face, long decurved red bill, and restricted black wingtips.

An immature White Ibis was seen in Illinois during the Summer of 2004 at Carlyle Lake. This adult bird was photographed at Tigertail Beach on Marco Island, Florida in 2003.


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