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April 14, 2005                                                                                                Volume II, Number 29

LeConte's Sparrow
©Peter S. Weber

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·   ISVMA Agrees to Amendment on SB2078 & HB315

·   Background on the Amendment

·   ISVMA Grassroots Lobby Effort

·   ISVMA Seeks ACTS Award Nominations

·    About This Photo

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·    LeConte's Sparrow Photo

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ISVMA Supports Amendment to SB2078 and HB315

ISVMA met with the proponents of SB2078 and HB315 last week to offer amendatory suggestions that would eliminate veterinarians' concerns about imposing a state tax on the rabies vaccine. As a result of our meetings, an amendment was adopted in the Senate on Tuesday with the support of ISVMA. An identical amendment has been filed on HB315. A copy of the amendment is available by clicking here.



What Does the Amendment Do?


Senator Don Harmon (D-Oak Park) offered Amendment #3 to SB2078 on Tuesday April 12, 2005. This amendment is the result of extensive negotiations between opponents and proponents of the original bill. These productive negotiations were initiated by Senator Harmon who showed tremendous leadership in pulling the various interests together to work out an agreement.


ISVMA has prepared an outline of the amendment that you can view by visiting: http://www.isvma.org/amendment.htm.



Great Job ISVMA Members!


Congratulations to our ISVMA members for their superior grassroots lobbying effort on SB2078 and HB315!


The ISVMA Lobby Day, the hundreds of phone calls and letters from veterinarians to their legislators, and some excellent lobbying by our experienced lobbying team have made ISVMA a stronger voice in Springfield and much more capable of defending the veterinary profession.


We will continue to build our strength and credibility in the Capitol with a continually growing grassroots network. Our ultimate goal is to build capacity to control future revisions to the Veterinary Surgery and Medical Practice Act.


ISVMA Seeks ACTS Award Nominations


The ISVMA’s Human-Animal Bond/Animal Welfare Committee seeking nominees for this year’s Animals Contributing To Society (ACTS) Awards.  Any ISVMA member, whether Active, Affiliate, Life or Student, may nominate an animal who has made an extraordinary contribution to their owners’ lives, their neighborhood, or their community.   


There are four separate categories of achievement.  They are Hero, Volunteer, Professional and Human-Animal Bond Award.  Qualifications for each category are:



The animal’s actions must have saved a human life or prevented injury. 



The animal and its’ owner raise the quality of human lives by volunteering their time.  Examples are volunteering to visit nursing home residents, hospital patients, schools, etc.  Animals that are owned by and used for professional animal assisted therapy are not included. 



The animal is kept and trained to be of service to humans. This includes seeing-eye dogs, helper dogs, assisted therapy animals as well as animals in zoos and aquariums.


Human-Animal Bond Award


The human whose acts best advance the understanding and awareness of the Human-Animal Bond in Illinois.


The nomination process isn’t overly time-consuming and the rules are simple:


1.                   Nominations can be made only by an ISVMA member.

2.                   The act/contribution must take place in Illinois.

3.                   The animal and owner must reside in Illinois.

4.                   The act(s) must have been performed, at least in part, in 2004.


Three items need to be submitted to nominate a worthy candidate.  A completed nomination form, a one-page typewritten letter explaining how the animal/individual qualifies for nomination and a 5x7 color picture of the animal and owner/steward must be submitted to:  Illinois ACTS Awards c/o Riser Animal Hospital, 5335 Touhy Avenue, Skokie IL  60077.  Up to three one-page letters from others supporting the nomination may be included with the application.


To obtain additional nomination forms, they are available on the ISVMA’s website and can be downloaded from the Members’ Only section.  If you don’t have internet access, call our office at 217/523-8387 and we’ll be happy to fax or mail a copy to you. 


Nominations officially opened on March 1, 2005 and will close on July 31, 2005.  No late entries will be accepted with a postmark after July 31.   Entries will be judged by the members of the Human-Animal Bond committee.  Winners will be notified in October and will be presented their award at the ISVMA’s Annual Convention in Springfield on November 6th, 2005.


About the Photo in This Issue…


The Le Conte's Sparrow is a difficult bird to observe, as it is normally found in the dense vegetation around the edges of marshes or in damp fields.  It also normally forages near the ground below the vegetation, and when disturbed, is more likely to run away or fly low through the vegetation for a short distance.  They are one of the smallest sparrows in North America.


They are found on the fringes of wetlands and marshes or in damp fields during the summer breeding season, wherever very shallow water is found in conjunction with a dense cover of herbaceous vegetation.  They winter in similar wet habitats during the winter.

LeConte's Sparrows primarily feed on insects during the summer and seeds during the winter. Most of their foraging is done on or near the ground, often under cover of dense vegetation.  Males may sing their weak, insect-like hiss during the night or day from a perch within tall grass during the summer breeding season.

LeConte's Sparrows breed from Mackenzie and central Quebec south to northern Montana, Minnesota, and northern Michigan. They winter in southeastern states.

This LeConte's Sparrow was photographed at Clinton Lake, IL on April 9, 2005 during its migration through Illinois.



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