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May 25, 2005                                                                                                Volume II, Number 33

Eastern Kingbird
©Peter S. Weber

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·   Rabies Update

·   Dr. Mahr to Throw Out First Pitch

·   IDES Audits

·   ISVMA Sponsored Benefit Programs

·  ISVMA Renewal Period

·   ISVMA Convention Update

·    About This Photo

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Update on Rabies Cases in Illinois


Recently a possible case of rabies involving an indoor cat was reported from Central Illinois. Initial tests indicated that the cat was infected and further testing was ordered. The Illinois Department of Public Health informed ISVMA that the confirmatory testing at the Centers for Disease Control were negative.


Meanwhile, there are now 11 confirmed cases of rabies in Illinois so far in 2005:


4 skunks
1 cow
6 bats

The terrestrial animals (skunks and cow) have all been reported from LaSalle and DeKalb counties.



Baseball Fans Will Enjoy This


On Sunday May 29th, the veterinary profession will be recognized at Wrigley Field in Chicago as part of the pre-game ceremonies. Dr. Roger Mahr, candidate for AVMA President-Elect, has the honor of throwing out the first pitch before the Chicago Cubs play the Colorado Rockies.


Dr. Mahr is from St. Charles, IL and has been a member of ISVMA since 1971. He has held numerous leadership positions in ISVMA, the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association.


Good luck with that pitch and have fun, Dr. Mahr!


Illinois Department of Employment Securities Conducting Audits


ISVMA has heard from several veterinary practices that they have received audit letters from the Illinois Department of Employment Securities (IDES). Apparently, the IDES is asserting that relief veterinarians are not independent contractors and that veterinary practices that have utilized relief veterinarians are liable for reporting the taxable wages and discharging the appropriate taxes.


ISVMA has engaged legal counsel to review the IDES position and we will update members of his findings as they become available. In the meantime, if you receive an letter of intent to audit from the IDES, please inform the ISVMA by faxing us a copy of your correspondence from IDES to (217) 523-7981.


You Should Really Look Into This...

ISVMA has an expanded list of sponsored programs intended to improve the bottom line for veterinary practices. We've been getting tremendous feedback from practices that have saved money and/or found these sponsored programs have preserved their staff time for more productive work for the practice:


1.  TransFirst Health Services – ISVMA members have saved significantly on processing credit card transactions in clinic by participating in this program. The conversion is painless and quick and you'll start saving immediately! Call Dorothy Svedman at (847) 259-9576.


2.  VetCentric – ISVMA member practitioners now have a pharmacy option that minimizes the impact of online pharmacies, improves client compliance and still keeps up to date with patients’ clinical needs. Call (866) 838-2368 and tell them you want information on participation in the ISVMA program.


3.  Federal Check Recovery - ISVMA members can now eliminate the high cost, lost time and embarrassment associated with the traditional process of collecting bad checks. You will recover the face value of the check and any bank fees you incur - quickly and painlessly! Most amazingly, this service is FREE! Call Dr. Billings Chapman at (573) 256-6540 and let him know you're an ISVMA member.


4.  Diversified Services – Many ISVMA members have already utilized this service to help recover delinquent payments on client accounts. Contact Jerry Kane at (888) 494-7900 for more information.

These programs and services are all offered in addition to existing member benefits – including the legislative and regulatory advocacy that protect the veterinarian’s license to practice in Illinois. ISVMA is the only organization that constantly monitors state legislation and regulations and constantly keeps its finger on the pulse of any legislative maneuver that could affect the veterinary profession.


ISVMA Membership Renewal Letters Sent


ISVMA mailed membership renewal letters last week. If you did not receive this mailing, please let us know. Perhaps your address has changed, you've changed practices or the letter was lost in the mail.


If you have associates that did not receive a renewal letter, it could be they are not ISVMA members. If they haven't joined ISVMA, encourage them to do so by filling out the online application form at www.isvma.org/application.htm.


Would you like to know if one of your colleagues has become an ISVMA member? You can look up their membership status at www.isvma.org/findadoctor.htm.


Featured Keynote Presentation at ISVMAs 2005 Convention

4:15 pm, Friday, November 4, 2005    Crowne Plaza, Springfield


Kevin Fitzgerald, PhD, DVM


Dr. Fitzgerald is one of the featured veterinarians on Animal Planets, Emergency Vets.

He is also a staff veterinarian in Denver, a frequent lecturer and a part-time (very funny) stand-up comedian.


Bring your entire team to this years convention to laugh with Dr. Fitzgerald, learn from expert speakers, and enjoy

the social events and many networking opportunities.


Look for registration material this summer. For information on exhibiting or sponsoring, contact info@isvma.org.

About the Photo in This Issue...

The arrival of the Eastern Kingbird is a sure sign of spring in Illinois. Both the genus and species name of this aggressive flycatcher are from the Greek and Latin words that mean "tyrant." The reasoning behind this name is unknown, but it is worth noting that in its original meaning, a tyrant was not necessarily a cruel ruler, but simply an absolute one.

The kingbird is noted for its courage and pugnacity in attacking birds much larger than itself. Hawks, owls, crows and even the mighty bald eagle incur the wrath of this small bird that swoops down in the manner of a fighter plane. Sometimes it actually lands on the larger bird's back to belabor him repeatedly with a sharp bill.

A member of the flycatcher family, the eight inch Eastern Kingbird has a slate-colored back shading to a lighter gray beneath. The male has a concealed orange crest on its crown but this is lacking in the female. The tail is black except for the tip that looks as if it were dipped in whitewash. This band is conspicuous when the bird is in flight.

Even though the name bee martin has been bestowed unjustly on this small flycatcher, careless observers have reported that the bird kills large numbers of honeybees. Scientific studies do not bear out the charge. In a case where 665 stomachs were examined by trained personnel, honeybees were found in only twenty-two.

Kingbirds are workers which always perch on dead limbs, tree tops, fence posts and other open spots where they launch forth to catch insects. When the catch is made, a sharp triumphant call is made as the bird returns to its perch.

This photo was taken last weekend in Rochester, IL.


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