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July 26, 2005                                                                                                Volume III, Number 2


Pectoral Sandpiper
©Peter S. Weber

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Specifics of An Agreement with Illinois Department of Revenue Still to Come


ISVMA reported on June 30, 2005 that an agreement had been reached with the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR) on a number of sales tax issues that have caused great confusion within the veterinary profession.


Although the ISVMA and IDOR have agreed in principle to a number of issues, the IDOR is carefully reviewing the specific policy changes necessary to implement the agreement. There are a number of political and practical issues that must be considered and the IDOR contacted us today to indicate that a statement of policy should be forthcoming in the next 30-60 days. Until that time, nothing that has been negotiated between ISVMA and IDOR is enforceable through audit.


ISVMA will keep its members advised as the sales tax issues continues to reach their ultimate resolution.



ISVMA Draft Constitution (Bylaws) Included in the Upcoming EPITOME


The ISVMA Constitution & Bylaws Committee has prepared a draft constitution that is included as an insert to the EPITOME you will receive in approximately 10 days. The insert can be easily removed from the newsletter for easy reading.


The ISVMA will be presenting a new Constitution to the membership at the ISVMA Annual Meeting on November 6, 2005 in Springfield, IL. Your feedback on this draft document will be considered in the preparation of the final draft. Please forward your comments to the attention of:


ISVMA Constitution & Bylaws Committee

133 South Fourth Street – Suite 202

Springfield, IL 62701

(217) 523-7981 (fax)

info@isvma.org (email)



Joan Embery to Speak


Joan Embery, the former conservation ambassador for the San Diego Zoo, will be the featured speaker at two University of Illinois - College of Veterinary Medicine events to help raise awareness about Envirovet, the Wildlife Clinic, and other College programs supported by the Endowment for Conservation Medicine. She is a past participant and current faculty member in the College's 6-week Envirovet Summer Institute.


You are invited to hear Ms. Embery in Urbana on August 11 at a free public talk and in Chicago on August 12 at an evening fundraising event. For details about the events, click here.



About the Photo in This Issue...


You know that summer is nearing an end when the shorebirds begin to migrate through Illinois. A medium-sized, chunky shorebird, the Pectoral Sandpiper (Calidris melanotos) is found most commonly on mudflats with short grass or weedy vegetation and seems more at home in the grass than in the water.

This relatively common shorebird breeds in wet coastal tundra across Alaska, very northern Canada, and northeastern Siberia. It winters inland in South America. Small numbers also in southeast Asia and the South Pacific. It migrates and winters in wet meadows, mudflats, flooded fields, and shores of ponds and pools.

During the short Arctic breeding season food is at a premium. To ensure an adequate supply for the young, male Pectoral Sandpipers depart for the south before the eggs hatch, so they don't compete for food with the mothers and their chicks. Then the adult females leave, too, and in the last few weeks the young have the tundra to themselves.


The Pectoral Sandpiper is about 9" long with a wingspan of 17", has an abrupt demarcation between the heavily streaked breast and the unmarked white belly and has yellow legs.


I photographed this Pectoral Sandpiper in Rochester, IL in April 2004.



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