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January 11, 2005                                                                                                Volume III, Number 13


Black Bellied Whistling-Duck
©Peter S. Weber

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Legislature Back in Session - Bills to Watch

The Illinois General Assembly has reconvened in Springfield and the ISVMA is already very active on a couple of issues:


HB4367 was introduced by Representative William Black (R-Danville) on behalf of a coalition of animal control administrators and officials. The bill is a comprehensive redrafting of the Animal Control Act. ISVMA met with representatives of the animal control agencies to discuss the bill and have agreed to work together throughout the legislative session. We have suggested some changes to their initial draft and both parties are anxious to work together to pass an amendment to clean up the Animal Control Act.


SB2214 was introduced by Senator Maggie Crotty (D-Oak Forest) on behalf of the ISVMA. This bill would statutorily accomplish what we have negotiated for months with the Illinois Department of Revenue (DOR). The DOR has yet to issue a policy notification to effect the changes that we've negotiated. The bill would provides that a serviceman is not required to register as a retailer under the Retailers' Occupation Tax Act if: (i) all of his or her sales activities constitute accommodation retail sales made to service customers; and (ii) these accommodation retail sales do not exceed 3% of the serviceman's annual revenues from sales of service.

Recruit a Member to Win - Contest Ends Soon!

Who knew encouraging colleagues to join ISVMA could be so rewarding? For every colleague you recruit that becomes a new member by January 31, 2006, you'll be entered in a drawing to win a $300 prepaid gift card! The more colleagues that join, the more chances you have to win.

Not only are you rewarded with the opportunity to win, your colleague will receive 50% off the remainder of this year's membership dues! Simply download the special membership application, make sure your name on the "Name of Sponsoring Veterinarian" line and pass it along.

ISVMA Encourages Support for a Veterinary Heritage Museum

The ISVMA recently organized a 501(c)3 foundation for the purpose of supporting projects related to veterinary medicine. Contributions to the Illinois Veterinary Medical Foundation (IVMF) are tax-deductible, so as you are preparing to make charitable contributions at the close of this tax year or if you are looking to make contributions to limit your exposure to the Capital Gains Tax, please consider a donation to the IVMF.

One of the initial projects being support by the IVMF is the development of a Veterinary Heritage Museum at the University of Illinois. The purpose is to organize a collection of hundreds of artifacts, research and historical documents that chronicle the everyday efforts and extraordinary achievements of Illinois' veterinary practitioners, educators and researchers.

Please support the development of a Heritage Museum with your contribution to:

Illinois Veterinary Medical Foundation
133 South Fourth Street
Suite 202
Springfield, IL 62701


About the Photo in This Issue...

The Black Bellied Whistling-Duck is a handsome, conspicuous bird that will often rest on large tree branches, stakes, or poles in the water or, less commonly, on the ground. They are easily domesticated and are quite tame even in the wild. Almost entirely herbivorous, they feed in shallow water on tubers and other aquatic vegetation, as well as in grain fields. Unlike many ducks, this species is largely nocturnal, migrating at night and resting and feeding during the day. It was formerly known as the "Black-bellied Tree Duck."


This duck is primarily Mexican and in the U.S., the Black-bellied Whistling Duck is usually found only in south Texas and Louisiana. Interestingly, a Black-bellied Whistling Duck was seen for several weeks in 2004 at Lake Chautauqua, just north of Havana, IL.


I photographed this bird in Aransas, Texas in November 2004.


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