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February 18 , 2007


Volume IV, No. 22



An electronic newsletter highlighting veterinary issues for Illinois veterinarians

Crimson-collared Grosbeak

Crimson-Collared Grosbeak

Crimson-collared Grosbeak (male/top; female/bottom)

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Funeral Arrangements for Jennifer (Wilson) Thompson, DVM

ASPCA-APCC Advice on Recalls

Class of 2010 ISVMA Student Representative

About ISVMA Class Representatives

Class Representative Responsibilities

Help Endow the Student Scholarships

ISCAVMA Auction on March 1st

US Wild Bird Survey

Tax Resources Available on ISVMA Website

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Contact Us




Funeral Arrangements for Jennifer (Wilson) Thompson, DVM

AMBOY - Dr. Jennifer B. Thompson, age 35, of Amboy, died Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2007, from injuries sustained in an automobile accident. The accident also claimed the life of her son Samuel.


She was born in Aurora Nov. 10, 1971, the daughter of Jeffrey and Linda (Kellogg) Wilson. She owned and operated Amboy Veterinary Clinic and also had worked for Green River Veterinary Clinic, Walnut. She was a graduate of the University of Illinois School of Veterinary Medicine, a member of the American Veterinary Association and the AuSable Grove Presbyterian Church, Yorkville. She was united in marriage to Brad Thompson of Ottawa in Yorkville on June 22, 1996.


She was preceded in death by her maternal grandfather, Keith Kellogg; and paternal grandmother, Helen Wilson.


She is survived by her husband of Amboy; children, Grace, Mary and Charlie Thompson, all at home; mother, Linda Wilson of Oswego; father, Jeffrey Wilson of West Chicago; brother, Josh (Lynn) Wilson of Silt, Colo.; sister, Amanda (Matt Bluett) Wilson of Anchorage, Alaska; maternal grandmother, Mary Kellogg of Oswego; paternal grandfather, John Wilson of Montgomery; many loving aunts, uncles and cousins; and five nephews and four nieces.


Funeral services for Jennifer Thompson and her son Samuel will be at 11 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2007, at AuSable Grove Presbyterian Church, 5021 Wheeler Road, Yorkville, with the Revs. Patrick K. Demerath, pastor, and Pastor Pat Woods, officiating. Burial will follow at AuSable Grove Cemetery, Yorkville. Visitation will be from 2 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 20, at Mihm-Jones Funeral Home, Amboy.


In lieu of flowers, a memorial has been established. Condolences may be left at

Class of 2010 Elects ISVMA Student Representative

The Class of 2010 at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine recently elected Katie Baker (ILL 2010) as their ISVMA Student Representative.


Katie is a native of Barry, IL in Pike County. Katie grew up surrounded by an abundance of agriculture, livestock, companion animals, and wildlife. According to Katie, "We often joke that the deer in Pike County outnumber its residents...and I’m sure they do!"


Katie's high school activities included 4-H and FFA; she spent her free time raising and showing paint and quarter horses. Over the last four years, she attended college at the University of Illinois and majored in animal sciences with a chemistry minor. During her undergraduate research experiences she became highly interested in large animal theriogenology and the cattle industry. Her intentions are to become a large animal/equine veterinarian.

About the ISVMA Class Representative Position

ISVMA encourages students with an interest in becoming leaders in organized veterinary medicine to get run for election as their class representative to ISVMA. Upon election, the ISVMA Class Representatives are expected to fulfill a short list of responsibilities (listed below). Additionally, they receive a scholarship from ISVMA in the amount of $4000 ($1000 for each of your four years as Class Representative).


The ISVMA Class Representatives are:


Class of 2010 - Katie Baker
Class of 2009 - Justin Florey
Class of 2008 - Teresa Lehnhardt (ISVMA Board Member)
Class of 2007 - Susan Heatter

Class Representative Responsibilities

All ISVMA Class Representatives:

• Coordinate campus activities with the ISVMA Board representative to the University of Illinois - College of Veterinary Medicine (Dr. Gregory Mauck).


• Encourage classmates to participate in ISVMA sponsored activities (through email, speaking at meetings, etc.) - such activities include: ISVMA Board/student forum in September; responding to ISVMA surveys; participating in grassroots lobby activities; working with ISVMA to expand and revitalize the Mentoring program.


• When the opportunity arises, speak to the importance of organized veterinary medicine and the role of ISVMA in preserving professional veterinary medicine in the State of Illinois.


• Communicate with the ISVMA staff whenever there is an opportunity for ISVMA to provide a meaningful service or communication with student members.


• Advocate for full membership in ISVMA within their class.


• Have a quarterly meeting to discuss ISVMA activities and opportunities - invite the ISVMA Executive Director and/or ISVMA Board representative to the UI-CVM.


• Read and become familiar with the important issues in Illinois veterinary medicine as expressed in the ISVMA Epitome and E-SOURCE publications.


• Cooperatively develop a process for submitting a student column to the ISVMA Epitome newsletter. Identify authors, subjects and issues that will capture the attention and/or inform your fellow students.


First Year ISVMA Class Representative:

• The first year as an ISVMA Class Representative is a learning year! The student representative shall actively seek out information on ISVMA and be able to communicate the importance and value of membership in the state veterinary medical association.


• Upon election, shall send a letter of thanks to each student in their class that addresses the importance of your position and your commitment to organized veterinary medicine.


• Work to achieve the expectations listed above for all ISVMA Class Representatives.

Second Year ISVMA Class Representative:

• Serves on the ISVMA Education Planning Committee to help develop the ISVMA Convention program. This is an exciting opportunity to help shape the ISVMA's signature CE event and participate in an ISVMA committee prior to serving on the Board of Directors.


• Attends ISVMA Board of Director meetings (without voting privileges) when the Third Year Class Representative is not available.

Third Year ISVMA Class Representative:

• Serves as an ex officio member of the ISVMA Board of Directors with full voting privileges. With the opportunity to serve on the Board comes responsibility to read the Board packets, become familiar with the ISVMA Constitution and policies and procedures, and articulate the needs and interests of the students and school.


• Speaks to the first year students at orientation about the ISVMA Class Representative position and the election process (which will be held at the beginning of the second semester). Encourages candidates to begin learning about ISVMA and participating in ISVMA sponsored activities.


• Communicates back to fellow students about the important issues and opportunities they learn about as an ISVMA Board member.

Fourth Year ISVMA Class Representative:

• Encourages all fourth year students to attend and participate in the ISVMA Annual Convention and Job Fair. Develops a strategy to maximize both attendance and promote the importance of the experience to their classmates.

• Works with the ISVMA Executive Director to achieve 100% membership from the graduating class as first-year veterinarians.

• One year after graduation, writes a letter to their classmates encouraging them to both continue their membership in ISVMA and participate in a meaningful way (we lose approximately 25% of all recent graduates in their second year).

Help Endow the ISVMA Class Representative Scholarships

The ISVMA funds four $1000 scholarships each year for the ISVMA Class Representatives. We hope to endow these scholarships to ensure their permanency. The ISVMA Class Representative position is an important part of teaching veterinary students the importance of organized veterinary medicine and veterinary leadership.


The ISVMA Board of Directors voted to match all contributions to the Student Scholarship fund (up to $10,000). Therefore, your contribution will have double impact if you contribute now!


Two of the ISVMA Class Representative scholarships are named scholarships for Dr. John Creasey (ILL 2006) and Clint Franks (ILL 2007).


If you wish to support the endowment for the ISVMA Student Representative scholarships you can make an online contribution to the Illinois Veterinary Medical Foundation by visiting:



If you prefer to designate your contribution to the Clint L. Franks Memorial - ISVMA Scholarship and/or the John T. Creasey Memorial - ISVMA Scholarship please indicate your preference on the contribution form.

You may also mail your contributions to:

Illinois Veterinary Medical Foundation
133 South Fourth Street - Suite 202
Springfield, IL 62701

Advice from the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center On Recent FDA Recalls of Cat Food and Peanut Butter

NEW YORK—This week, the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued two recalls pertaining to products contaminated with the bacteria Salmonella. The first involves a recall on Peter Pan and Great Value brands of peanut butter with the manufacturer code “2111” on the jar lid. The second pertains to Wild Kitty Raw All Natural, Frozen Cat Food- Chicken with Clam Recipe. Contaminated packages include both the 3.5 ounce and 1 lb. sizes. Thus far, there have been no reports of illness pertaining to either product in pets.


As many pets—especially dogs—enjoy an occasional peanut butter treat, the ASPCA cautions pet parents against feeding recalled peanut butter to pets. Affected jars should be thrown out, and extra caution should be taken to ensure that pets do not access trash receptacles containing the discarded peanut butter. Similar steps should be followed for the contaminated cat food.


“Most healthy adult dogs and cats are less susceptible to Salmonella infection than humans”, says Dr. Eric Dunayer, Senior Toxicologist for the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center. “However, it is still possible for problems to occur, so we recommend discarding any product involved in this recall.” For more information about the recalls, please visit: and

Annual ISCAVMA Auction

The Annual ISCAVMA Auction to raise funds for the 2007 SAVMA Symposium will be held on Thursday March 1st at 6:30pm in LAC 100.  This auction helps fund travel, hotel, and registration for up to 150 students.  Illinois traditionally has the best symposium attendance record and with your help we can keep that Illini reputation strong!!

The auction features donations from local businesses and many unique items donated by students and faculty.  Here's just a sampling of items this year:

• Behind the Scenes tours at Disney's Animal Kingdom, Shedd Aquarium, and Lincoln Park Zoo

• Original Framed Artwork

• Skulls and limbs prepared and mounted by the anatomy department

• A restored vintage bicycle

• Cardinals Baseball Tickets – Field box seats!

There will also be a 50/50 Raffle and tickets can be purchased up until the drawing at the end of the auction.  Last year the winner took home almost $1000!  Door prizes will be given away throughout the event.

A program featuring the items available this year will be posted on the ISCAVMA website approximately two weeks before the auction.   Check it out at:

Proxy bidding is available.  Just e-mail Teresa Lehnhardt ( with the item you are interested in and your maximum bid.  Food and drink will be served and everyone is welcome to attend!

U.S. Wild-Bird Survey Finds No Evidence of H5N1

By Maggie Fox

(WASHINGTON) - Tests on nearly 75,000 wild ducks, gulls and other birds have turned up no sign of dangerous H5N1 avian influenza in the United States, a federal agency said on Thursday. Read More

(Courtesy of AVMA)

Tax Resources Available on ISVMA Website

The ISVMA has developed a resources page to help practices implement the new rule. Resources will continue to be added as we answer new questions and address issues raised during the seminars. Additionally, ISVMA is working on developing a message board so practices can review the questions already addressed by ISVMA and the audit consultants from J.D. Michael.


Please visit the Tax Resources page periodically to get updates and to send questions or comments to ISVMA.

About the Photos in This Issue...

The Crimson-collared Grosbeak (Rhodothraupis celaeno) is a medium-size seed- and leaf-eating bird in the same family as the Northern Cardinal, Cardinalidae. The breeding male (top photo) has a blood-red body, black hood and bib, huge conical bill, and dark wings. The female has olive-yellow body.

The Crimson-collared Grosbeak is primarily found in northeastern Mexico from central Nuevo León and central Tamaulipas south to northern Veracruz; however, it occasionally strays into the Rio Grande Valley of southern Texas, mostly in winter.

This beautiful bird inhabits humid or semi-arid forest and second growth, from low to high levels, sometimes skulking on the ground. It occurs singly, in pairs, or in mixed-species flocks.

The Crimson-collared Grosbeak is a casual (very rare) visitor to the Lower Rio Grande Valley in Texas. The number of recorded sightings of this species in the United States took a giant leap in 2005. If I recall correctly, there were more Crimson-collared Grosbeaks sighted in January 2005 than the total number of birds documented in the United States before the unprecedented 2005 irruption.

I photographed these Crimson-Collared Grosbeaks (image 1 / image 2) in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, TX in January 2005. I actually was the original finder of the female.

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