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March 3 , 2008


Volume V, No. 16



An electronic newsletter highlighting veterinary issues for Illinois veterinarians

Northern Jacana
Northern Jacana

©Peter S. Weber
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ISVMA Spring Seminar Series

Legislative Call to Action

Silent Auction to Support ISCAVMA

About the Photo

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Contact Us




ISVMA Spring Seminar Series - Register Now!

ISVMA is proud to offer another outstanding learning opportunity for veterinary professionals. With support from IDEXX Laboratories, the 2008 ISVMA Spring Seminar Series will be offered in the following locations:

April 19 in Springfield, IL
April 20 in Fairview Heights, IL
April 26 in Chicago, IL
April 27 in Lisle, IL

Please visit the ISVMA website for program information and registration.

*The 2008 ISVMA Spring Seminar Series is generously sponsored by:


Legislative Call to Action - We Need Your Help!

The ISVMA is actively working on several bills under consideration in the Illinois General Assembly. Updates on the status of these bills and information on how you can help our lobby effort are available in the ISVMA Legislative Action Center. There are two Calls to Action currently in place.


Please look through the Calls to Action and contact your local legislators using the simple email forms we have created for you. It takes less than a minute to respond to an ISVMA Call to Action; and your participation in our grassroots lobby effort is critical to our success!

Silent Auction to Support ISCAVMA

ISCAVMA is holding its annual auction to support students that are attending the SAVMA Symposium and to support a student wide initiative of donating $5000 to Heifer International. To learn more about what Heifer International is all about go to


This year's symposium is being co-hosted by Auburn and Tuskegee Veterinary Schools. Items are available for bidding beginning on March 3rd and ending at 1pm on March 7th. Items can be viewed at, just click on the symposium link. All bids may be submitted to


Thank you for your continued support of the veterinary students.

About the Photo

The Northern Jacana (Jacana spinosa) is a dark, robin-sized marsh bird with very long toes. Its head and neck are black, and its body and folded wings are dark rufous. It has large, pale-green wing patches that are visible in flight and a bright yellow frontal shield. They are quarrelsome and often engage in combat with one another, using sharp spurs on the bend of the wing. Females are somewhat larger than males and defend a large territory in which several males build nests and care for the eggs and young.

A very rare species in the United States, the Northern Jacana has outrageously long toes that make them adept at balancing on floating plants. Therefore, they are able to exploit a habitat that is available to few other birds. They are sometimes called ‘lily-trotters’ because of the way they nimbly walk across leaves of water lilies and other aquatic vegetation, picking insects, small molluscs and other animal food from the surface of the plants. They spread their toes with elongated claws and cover an amazing area of 12x14cm, thus dispersing its weight over a wide area.

This species is a resident breeder from coastal Mexico to western Panama, and on Cuba, Jamaica and Hispaniola. It is a rare breeder in southern Texas and there are three sight records from Arizona. I photographed this bird in Casa Grande, Arizona.

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