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June 19 , 2008


Volume V, No. 27



An electronic newsletter highlighting veterinary issues for Illinois veterinarians

Burrowing Owl
Burrowing Owl

©Peter S. Weber
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Assessing Need for Flood Assistance

AVMF Provides Flood Relief

ISVMA Membership Survey

About the Photo

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Contact Us




Assessing the Need for Flood Related Assistance

The ISVMA has forwarded two requests for assistance from the State of Iowa in the past few days. As levees continue to fail in Illinois, we are attempting to find out whether any ISVMA members, or the communities they serve, are in need of any assistance or support.

If you are in need of assistance, please notify or call (217) 546-8381.

AVMF Provides Flood Relief

If you know of any veterinarians/animals that were affected as a result of the recent Illinois/Midwest storms – flooding, tornados, etc., the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) has funding available for veterinarian practice relief of up to $2,000 and animal care reimbursement (for injured/displaced animals) of up to $5,000.

Veterinarians have up to nine months following the disaster to apply for assistance. The Reimbursement Guidelines are also available on the ISVMA website for your review.

If you know a veterinarian that qualifies for this relief, you may use the following application forms:

· Veterinary Relief Application

· Animal Healthcare Reimbursement

ISVMA Member Survey - Please Participate

The ISVMA is committed to providing its members with the best service possible.  With that objective in mind, the ISVMA Board of Directors has requested that our members and other veterinary professionals be surveyed. The results will assist in evaluating services and benefits that are, or would be, most valuable to ISVMA members. The results should also spotlight the emerging needs of the varied professionals who comprise the veterinary community in Illinois.  From your feedback, we will be better able to serve ISVMA members and the veterinary profession throughout the state of Illinois.

The survey takes under ten minutes to complete. The ISVMA Home Page has a link to the survey or it can be accessed directly at:

Results will be compiled through July 31, 2008. At that time a report will be created and presented to the ISVMA Board of Directors for their review.

Please forward this information to other veterinary professionals that are not currently members of the ISVMA. The more feedback received, the better we will be able to serve the veterinary profession in Illinois.

About the Photo

True to its name, the Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia) nests in a hole in the ground. Although it is quite willing to dig its own burrow, it often uses one already provided by prairie dogs, skunks, armadillos, or tortoises.


The population of this species is declining in many areas. The Burrowing Owl is listed as endangered or threatened in some states and provinces in which it resides. The major causes of mortality are habitat destruction and degradation caused primarily by land development; agricultural development and the use of pesticides; efforts to eradicate prairie dogs, which live side by side with burrowing owls; collision with cars; and natural predation by Great Horned Owls, hawks, foxes, badgers and even domestic pets. Despite their protected status, burrowing owls and their burrows are routinely destroyed during the development process.


The Burrowing Owl is a diurnal species; it hunts all day and night long and is most active in the morning and evening. It catches more insects during the day and more small mammals at night.


The Burrowing Owl collects mammal dung and puts it in and around its burrow. The dung attracts dung beetles, which the owl then captures and eats.


I photographed this Burrowing Owl south of Willcox, AZ in May 2008.

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