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August 6, 2010


Volume VIII, No. 4



An electronic newsletter highlighting veterinary issues for Illinois veterinarians

Savannah Sparrow
Savannah Sparrow
© Peter S. Weber
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CALL TO ACTION: Federal Legislation on the Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act

Veterinary Dentistry Training Opportunity

Canine Melanoma: Your Dog's Blood Collection Can Aid New Research

August 12-13, 2010 - Midsummer Veterinary Conference for Sustainable Agriculture

Mary Kelm Retirement Announcement

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CALL TO ACTION: Federal Legislation on the Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has asked for our assistance with a piece of federal legislation, H.R. 1549, the Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act. The legislation would negatively impact animal health by eliminating certain uses of certain antibiotics. The office of U.S. Senator Richard Durbin (IL) recently reached out to the AVMA for information because he is being pressured to sign on to the aforementioned legislation as a co-sponsor. The AVMA has serious concerns about the unintended consequences of this legislation and would appreciate it if ISVMA members would be willing to reach out to Senator Durbin and share the AVMA concerns.

The AVMA has prepared a briefing paper that summarizes the legislation and their concerns.

Please contact Senator Durbin's office by using his web form, by phone or fax. All of his contact information is included in the preceding link.

Veterinary Dentistry Training Opportunity - Update on Availability

For the doctor, the technician, the team

On Sunday, August 22, 2010 the ISVMA is sponsoring a Small Animal Dentistry Lecture/Lab at the Wyndham Lisle-Chicago Hotel. This program is designed to improve compliance and expand dental services with techniques YOUR practice can implement immediately. We are encouraging practices to send a “Team” (DVM and Technician) to this seminar by offering discounted registration fees.

Attendees may choose to attend the morning lecture Only or attend the full-day with a lecture/lab option available. The DVM and CVT wet labs are completely full. There are plenty of slots available for the lecture-only portion of the meeting.


All registrations for this meeting must be faxed or mailed (no online registration).

Canine Melanoma: Your Dog's Blood Collection Can Aid New Research

USA Today (August 3, 2010) – The Canine Hereditary Cancer Consortium (CHCC) is requesting blood samples from any purebred dog to further their research to identify the underlying genetic lesions and biochemical pathways that contribute to canine melanoma. Read complete article...

August 12-13, 2010 - Midsummer Veterinary Conference for Sustainable Agriculture

This conference is open to veterinarians, veterinary students, graduate students, animal scientists and educators looking for information regarding sustainable food animal production (ie. organic, natural, welfare-friendly, antibiotic-free, and grass-based). Farm tours are available to examine some of the most innovative and successful sustainable livestock farms in Central Illinois. Conference presenters represent academia, private veterinary practice, farmers, government and allied industries, and will provide information about health, production and marketing of natural and organic food animals. The conference will be in Champaign IL at the I Hotel and Conference Center (map), located on the University of Illinois Campus, and offers 8.5 hours of CE. Ten (10) scholarships are available for students to attend the conference; contact Dr. David Bane at 217-722-2188 or for details. For information, or to register online, visit their webpage at

Mary Kelm Announces Retirement in Letter

Dear ISVMA Friends,


On Friday, July 30 I retired from my service to the College of Veterinary Medicine.


I am delighted to have this opportunity to thank all of you for the support you have given me in my work with our students during my time at the College. It has been an honor and a privilege to support these veterinarians-in-training as they made their way toward realizing their dream of contributing to the important work you all do. I was always touched by the many enthusiastic, generous Illinois doctors who gave so many hours mentoring our students. The willing interest so many of you demonstrated at so many ISVMA Conventions toward helping our 4th year students secure employment, or learn to interact professionally with colleagues, was something that always impressed me. The time I spent with so many of you as we prepared for, and amazingly interviewed, up to 300 candidates for admission each year provides both warm and humorous memories. Each year you came through for us and made it possible to select outstanding students who would eventually follow in your footsteps.


To make this change as efficient as possible for everyone, when you have questions or requests that you might have addressed to me, the very capable team in the Academic and Student Affairs Office will be very happy to either help you or get you to the right place for service. Contact them by calling 217/265-0380.


Retirement from a position as rich and rewarding as mine is always a difficult transition. However, at some point in our lives, we all realize there are others who will fill our shoes with fresh approaches and great ideas. So I look forward to my next adventures and wish you all well.


Veterinary Medicine is an amazing profession…I have learned that from working with the students of the CVM and with all of you.


My best,


Mary Kelm
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs (retired)



For the past eight years, Mary Kelm has been a constant support and advocate not only for hundreds of veterinary students, but also for our faculty members, our college, and the veterinary profession in Illinois. As she retires from the position of assistant dean for student affairs, we thank her for the insights, humor, and tremendous energy she brought to the role. Her positive influence will continue for years to come in our graduates, the incoming students she has mentored and advised, and the policies and programs she helped to establish. On behalf of the College of Veterinary Medicine, I invite the members of the ISVMA to join me in wishing Mary the very best in retirement.


Dr. Herb Whiteley
Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine

About the Photo

The Savannah Sparrow (Passerculus sandwichensis) is a small American sparrow. It is named after Savannah, Georgia where one of the first specimens of this bird was collected.


This passerine bird breeds in Alaska, Canada, northern, central and Pacific coastal USA, Mexico and Guatemala. The Pacific and Mexican breeders are resident, but other populations are migratory, wintering from the southern United States across Central America and the Caribbean to northern South America. It is a very rare vagrant to western Europe.


This species has a typically sparrow-like dark-streaked brown back, and whitish underparts with brown or blackish breast and flank streaking. It has whitish crown and supercilium stripes, sometimes with some yellow (more often near the beak). The cheeks are brown and the throat white. The flight feathers are blackish-brown with light brown or white border. The eyes are dark. The feet and legs are horn-colored, as is the lower part of the bill, with the upper part being dark grey.


These birds forage on the ground or in low bushes; particularly in winter they are also found in grazed low-growth grassland. They mainly eat seeds, but insects are also eaten in the breeding season. They are typically encountered as pairs or family groups in the breeding season, and assemble in flocks for the winter migration.


I photographed this beautiful Savannah Sparrow near Clinton Lake, IL in April 2006.

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