Support Materials for Veterinary Grassroots Lobby Effort

House Bill 315 Position Paper

Senate Bill 2078 Position Paper

Copy of Op-ED Article on Tax Implications of HB315 & SB2078

Postcards to Get Your Clients Involved

If you want to get your clients involved in the opposition to the proposed state tax on the rabies vaccination, ISVMA has created a template that you can use to print postcards for your clients to fill out in your waiting room. Ideally, they would address and sign the postcard and you could put a stamp on the postcard and mail it for them. If they don't know who their legislators are, you can look it up for them online at:

We hope that legislators will begin receiving hundreds of these postcards during their Spring break and that they will be persuaded that the opposition to House Bill 315 and Senate Bill 2078 is much broader than just the state's veterinarians.


DIRECTIONS: (Please click here to open the postcard template and print on AVERY 8824 Postcard Paper)