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2022 ISVMA Annual Convention Proceedings

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Track: Small Animal A:

Raj Naik, DVM, DACVIM (Nutrition)


Small Animal B:

Elle De Ford, MS, PhD, DVM, MCBC, cVMA, TCCC, CCRP


Large Animal:

Clifford Shipley, DVM, DACT


Jennifer Gravley, DVM & Lynsee Melchi, DVM



Michael Rosser, DVM, DACVP, MS

Special Interest A

Mark Mitchell, DVM, MS, PhD, DECZM


Practice Management:

Scott Huggins, DVM, MBA Not provided by speaker


Anita Dennsion, DVM & Kelli Sue Kerwin, CVPMNot provided by speaker

Saturday, Nov. 5, 2022

Small Animal A:

Lesley Smith, DVM, DACVAA


Small Animal B:

Mark Howes, DVM, DACVR Not provided by speaker

  • Thoracic and Abdominal Radiographs
  • A Focused Look at Ultrasound
  • Touching on Advanced Cross-Sectional Imaging and How it Relates to the General Practitioner


Large Animal:




Andres DeLoy, RVT, LVT, CVPMNot provided by speaker

  • Starting an OSHA Safety Program
  • Leveraging In-House Diagnostics
  • Controlling Controlled Drugs


Special Interest A:

Gail Golab, DVM, DACAW, MANZCVS, PhD & Lori Teller, DVM, DABVP Not provided by speaker

  • Telemedicine 101: What is Telemedicine?
  • Telemedicine: How Can I Implement it in Companion Animal Practice?
  • Telemedicine: How Can I Implement it in Food Animal Practice?
  • Telemedicine: Panel Discussion Q & A


Practice Management:

Lisa Linke, MBA, MHR – Not provided by speaker

  • Communicating with Clients in Difficult Situations
Sunday, Nov. 6, 2022

Small Animal A:

Heidi Pulito, DVM, CHPV


Ellen Helmers, DVM, CHPV Not provided by speaker

  • Euthanasia in the Veterinary Hospital


Anna McManamey, DVM


Small Animal B:

Robert DuFort, DVM, DACVIMNot provided by speaker

  • Diagnostics Update for Practitioners: Case Studies
  • Thyroid Disease in Cats: Not Just Hyper Anymore
  • PU/PU: A Practical Approach to Wading Through the Many Causes
  • The Bleeding Patient: How to Find the Cause and Make it Stop


Large Animal:

Patrick Roady, DVM, MS, DACVP



Philip Richmond, DVM, CAPP, CCFP, CRT Not provided by speaker

  • How Do We Power? Uncovering Purpose, Character Strengths, and High-Quality Connections to Boost Veterinary Team Well-being and Culture

Jennifer Hayden, DVM Not provided by speaker

  • 4PAWS and Teamwork: A Pathway to Success in Nutritional Recommendations
  • Pet Food Labels: Commit to Care: Pet Food Labels 101
  • Beating Pet Obesity: A Pathway to Healthier Living

Special Interest A:

Caroline Tonozzi, DVM, DACVECC


Practice Management:

Fred Nickl, JD & Ed Williams, JDNot provided by speaker

  • Veterinary Medical Recording: What Must Be in Your Patient and Office Records to Avoid Problems with the DEA and the IDFPR
  • Veterinary Best Practices Beyond Recordkeeping: What You Need to Know from a Legal and a Practice Management Perspective on How to Run a Successful and Profitable Clinic

Philip Richmond, DVM, CAPP, CCFP, CRTNot provided by speaker

  • Don’t Believe Everything Your Think: Flexible and Accurate Thinking