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What Really Bonds Clients to Your Practice?

After 25 years of private clinical practice, I have finally come full circle: from small-town mixed practice, through relief work and small animal suburban practice, and back again to mixed practice in a small rural town. One common factor in all the successful...

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Advocacy–Getting the Word Out!

In today’s politically charged environment, everyone seems to have an opinion that must be voiced.  Free speech is one of the basic tenets of our society, and more and more people feel compelled to promote their agendas.  We, as veterinary professionals, seem more...

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Do You Love Your Profession?

I had an interesting discussion with a colleague a few weeks ago, which I viewed with both concern and a little sadness. We were discussion our children, and their professional aspirations.  He expressed relief that his kids had no interest in veterinary medicine as a...

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