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James D. Conway III, DVM

James D. Conway III, DVM is an Equine Professional Services Veterinarian with Dechra Veterinary Products. Prior to his role with Dechra he served as an associate veterinarian at a large regional referral lameness and rehab facility in North Texas. Additionally, Dr. Conway was a part time veterinary field consultant with Bimeda Pharmaceuticals and Arthrodynamics Technologies from 2013-2017. Dr. Conway completed an internship at ESMS in 2013 and upon completion started his own lameness and sports medicine practice in the panhandle of Texas and Oklahoma. He is a 2012 graduate of Colorado State University Veterinary School where he was heavily involved with equine stifle and condylar fracture research. Dr. Conway has been invited to speak at numerous universities in the US and Canada and at the ACVS and AAEP national conferences. His publications over the equine stifle ethesis and medial condylar fractures can be found in the Equine Veterinary Journal and Equine Veterinary Education.