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Jay Tischendorf, DVM

Ceva Animal Health

Dr. Jay Tischendorf is a veterinarian and wildlife biologist with special interests ranging widely from anesthesia, cardiology, and dermatology, to One Health, emerging infectious diseases and zoonoses.  A field-based Veterinary Services Manager with Ceva Animal Health and founder and director of the American Ecological Research Institute (–AERIE), Dr. Tischendorf has a BS degree in Zoology from Ohio University and a DVM degree from Colorado State.  With experience spanning field biology and scientific research, clinical practice, and service in the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Jay has literally worked across the entire North American continent and in Central America and Canada as well.  He is certified as an Expert Animal Cruelty Investigator and serves as scientific advisor and trainer with the National Animal Care and Control Association, the Law Enforcement Training Institute at the University of Missouri, and the National Wildlife Control Operators Association.  Additionally he is Human-Animal Bond and Fear-Free Certified, as well as a member of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council Zoonoses Committee.  Dr. Jay previously served as faculty at the University of Great Falls in Montana and is a former wildland firefighter and US Marine.  He has ongoing research projects involving large carnivores, raptors, and reptiles.  He is also actively searching for the supposedly extinct ivory-billed woodpecker, teaches courses on animal immobilization, has provided volunteer veterinary care for Native American Nations, and leads an annual tracking and winter survival course in the Rocky Mountains.  He is a regular speaker at a number of veterinary medical and technical schools as well as conservation and ecological symposiums and veterinary and human medical conferences.