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As promised, I am revisiting my 2017 New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, this comes with both frustration and embarrassment regarding my general lack of progress. Maybe I bit off a little more than I could chew. Or, maybe I just didn’t focus on those goals well enough. Anyway, here’s my overview:


Don’t interrupt!

I did make modest progress on the first resolution on my list. While I still frequently jump into conversations, I am much better about refraining from finishing other people’s sentences—especially in the exam room!


Separate work time and personal time

Spring was good for this goal, but summer break was its ruin…since then, it has been difficult to get back into a consistent work routine.


Make family time quality time

Unfortunately, this resolution has been almost a complete fail. The lack of separation of job and home since summer has created some frustrating situations. I think my whole family needs to work on less technology during family time!


Set a good example at work

I need to work on the next step—progressing from “doing no harm” to being a force for good. I try to be a sounding board for others’ concerns; now I need to work harder on offering positive solutions as well.


Don’t presume

I do a pretty good job with co-workers and the general public, especially trying to minimize assumptions when dealing with cases. But family is another story…when you know someone very well, it is easy to believe you know what they are thinking and feeling.


So, honestly, I won’t be making any new resolutions for 2018—I still have too much unfinished business with my 2017 goals. I hope that your progress has been better than mine! Still, any steps in the right direction are a good thing. Self-improvement is a constant process: I will continue to work towards my goals, and hope that you do as well!