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You hear it all the time: “I’m a cat person” or “I can’t imagine living without a dog”. This can be a very polarizing topic! While not diametrically opposed, there do seem to be some personality traits more associated with cat lovers or dog lovers. I can appreciate both side of this debate, for as a DVM I do really like all animals (well, maybe not spiders!), and I have both dogs and cats in my family.


That being said, I must admit that I am on the feline side of this debate. Don’t get me wrong–dogs are great! When my dog was younger, I used to love to watch her run in crazy circles around the yard. And she’s definitely a Velcro dog–I am her person, and even at 13 years of age she does he best to always be by my side. Dogs have many endearing characteristics. They have unconditional love, loyalty, helpfulness, and goofiness in abundance.

However, I’m a fairly independent person, and fairly introverted. Felines really speak more to my personality. Sometimes it’s refreshing to have a companion who isn’t enthralled with my every action. Moody? Often. Self-centered? Usually. But cats can still be very loving; they’re just more reserved in how they express their appreciation of their humans. And, while my cats don’t accompany me on 5Ks like the dog can, they are a great source of entertainment at home (both in their interactions with us and each other)!


So, really, just try to celebrate all the positives of both dogs and cats (and try to overlook the little detractions)!  In the end, “cat people” and “dog people” are still all animal lovers. It is all of our little differences that make life interesting, but our similarities hold us together.