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ISVMA Seeks Mentors for Next Generation of Veterinarians

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ISVMA is seeking members to pair veterinarians with veterinary students at the University of Illinois.

The ISVMA Student Engagement Working Group would appreciate those members interested in mentoring a veterinary student for the next year taking the survey below. Mentors can come from a variety of backgrounds and professional settings and will be able to provide guidance on a range of topics including, but not limited to, practical medical and surgical management of cases, the transition from veterinary school to post-graduate life, job selection, and work/life balance. The survey will take less than 5 minutes to complete.

The benefits of being a mentor include:

  • Enjoy a sense of pride when you see your student partner grow and succeed.
  • Gain a sense of personal growth as a result of your interaction with your student partner.
  • Refine your interpersonal skills and gain a sense of cultural diversity.
  • Feel a sense of accomplishment in helping guide tomorrow’s leaders.
  • Expand your network as you help new veterinarians enter the profession.

Mentors will be matched with mentees in January 2023. We look forward to the ongoing opportunities for our members to engaged with students into the future. Thank you again for your time!

ISVMA Veterinary Mentor Job Description

Take the ISVMA Mentor Survey