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Committees & Task Forces

Are you interested in serving as a volunteer leader for ISVMA?
Committee/task force job descriptions are can be accessed by clicking on the committee/task force names on this page below.

If you would like to volunteer, please fill out the ISVMA Volunteer Interest Form.
ISVMA committees are a wonderful way to get involved in your association leadership! Most committee appointments are annual and expire on December 31.
A few committee positions are determined by the ISVMA Constitution and have defined terms.

Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association within the Springfield Region

ISVMA Committee and Task Force members can access a number of resources on the ISVMA website by logging in to the Member Center and clicking on the link called “My Committees”. These resources include:

  • Committee roster with individual contact information
  • Committee files
  • Committee agendas and minutes
  • Committee job description
  • Committee appointments are made by the ISVMA President unless the ISVMA Constitution has specific direction on committee composition. Committees below are active. Committees and working groups do change over time as the groups complete work or additional projects are directed by the ISVMA Board of Directors.  All committees/working groups unless otherwise noted meet via video conference.

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Working Group:  This working group is focused on the following actions:
    –Create a sustainable working group within the ISVMA to promote and organize diversity and inclusion practices within our profession
    –Develop ISVMA diversity, equity, and inclusion statement and anti-racism clause
    –Facilitate training programs and events to raise education and awareness about implicit bias and to discuss ways to promote diversity and inclusion within our profession and leadership
    –Partner with AVMA, AAHA, AAVMC, and other organizations to support and promote diversity and inclusion initiatives
    –Partner with community groups who deliver veterinary outreach and services in underrepresented minority communities
    –Partner with educational institutions to recruit underrepresented CVT and DVM students
    –Partner with educational institutions to facilitate mentorship and support for underrepresented pre-veterinary students, veterinary students, and new graduates (CVT and DVM)
    –Group meets monthly.
  • Pharmacy Working Group:  This working group is focused on the following actions:
    –Work with professional regulations to assure that any required Opioid related CE would be veterinary medicine related and this material would take a veterinarian’s concerns into account.
    –Work to assure that any PMP (Prescription Monitoring Program) and Opioid related regulations in Illinois takes veterinary concerns into account
    –Work proactively to assure compounding rules take veterinary concerns into account
    –Do basic research into how other states are proactively addressing Marijuana and Cannabinoids in medicine
    –Consider meeting with the Pharmacy Board and/or the Illinois Pharmacy Assn.
    –Group meets as needed
  • Education Committee:  The working group is focused on the following actions:
    –Assist with the ISVMA Convention
    –Assist at the ISVMA Convention onsite implementation
    –Approve CE
    –Review and improve regional VMA CE
  • Legislative Committee:  The committee is focused on the following actions:
    –Determine and recommended ISVMA Legislative Positions
    –Recommend ISVMA Legislative Initiatives
    –Lobby on behalf of the veterinary profession and animals utilizing the scientific medical knowledge of the membership
    –Monitor, create respond to Administrative Rule Changes
    –Monitor and interact on all regulatory issues affecting the ISVMA membership
    –Group meets bi-monthly
  • CVT Committee:  The committee is focused on the following actions:
    –Create CE opportunities for CVTs
    –Create a program, including CE, that educates DVMs on the value of CVTs to their practice
    –Create a VTNE study partnership or program
    –Create scholarships for CVTs students
    –Review and recommend benefits for CVTs
    –Group meets monthly
  • Student Engagement Working Group:  The working group is focused on the following actions:
    –Address how to improve understanding, involvement and cooperation between DVM students at the University of Illinois, College of Veterinary Medicine and ISVMA
    –Create a mentorship program for DVM students
    –Create a mentorship program for CVT students
    –Create opportunities for practicing DVM and student engagement
    –Group meets monthly
  • ISVMA Standing Committees
    –Audit: ISVMA Treasurer and two other members appoint by the Board of Directors President– Meets in May each year
    –Executive Committee: ISVMA Officers — Meets monthly
    –Nominations & Awards:  Specific member composition per ISVMA Constitution –Meets one or two times during the summer months