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Sales Tax

The ISVMA is making available copies of the handouts provided at the Sales Tax Seminars (below). There are four separate handouts including:
1) a copy of the new regulation;
2) a copy of the Prospective Compliance Agreement & Settlement of Open Audit Periods;
3) a PowerPoint overview of Illinois Sales Tax Issues for Veterinary Businesses; and
4) a PowerPoint presentation on Determining Prior Period Tax Exposure for Veterinary Businesses.

Additionally, ISVMA is making available sample letters for practices to do the following:

1) letter to change registration status if you elect to satisfy your Illinois sales tax liability by paying Use Tax to suppliers but may make limited purchases from unregistered suppliers;
2) letter to change registration status if you elect to separate the retail and service aspects of your business;
3) letter to inactivate your ROT registration because you are no longer making retail sales; and
4) letter to unregistered suppliers informing them that you will be purchasing only from registered suppliers.

Additional resources may become available to assist veterinary practices in the implementation of the new sales tax rule.
Please check this page for updates on this issue.