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New Power of 10 Leadership Program Accepting Applications

Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association within the Springfield Region

ISVMA is pleased to announce its new leadership program, Power of 10. This four-session program is an in-depth leadership opportunity that provides 20 hours of continuing education credit at no cost to the participant. The program is designed for veterinarians who have been in practice seven years or less since graduation and are ISVMA members.

Each session of the program will be held in a different location that provides a fun and interactive experience to reinforce the leadership, communications, teamwork and other skills being taught. This is unlike any leadership program you have ever experienced.

The skills you will learn by participating in the Power of 10 are:

  • Practical leadership skills for use in your practice
  • Ways to make your communication more effective by increasing your emotional intelligence
  • Interaction with people who have different communication styles
  • Improvements in both your personal and professional business acumen
  • A vision of the leader you can be and what it takes to become that leader
  • How you can and why you should personally affect organized veterinary medicine
  • Establish professional relationships in a supportive environment

Only 10 individuals across Illinois will be chosen to participate in this unique program so please complete and return the appropriate application:
2019-2020 P10 Applicants for those graduating seven years ago or less, 
2019-2020 Mid-Career Application for those graduating 8-25 years ago

ISVMA Power of 10 Informational Brochure

ISVMA Power of 10 Testimonial Video