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ISVMA’s Canine Influenza Resources

Last spring CIV H3N2 hit the Chicago land area and then spread to 24 other states before the year’s end.  To date, H3N2 has spread to 29 states (5 more in 2016) and is sure to hit our area again.  Experts recommend vaccinating for both H3N2 and H3N8 (it’s not considered over-vaccinating)….and positives for both strains have occurred in 2016.  H3N2 is 10x more virulent, more infectious, and is making dogs extremely sick.  Sadly, canine deaths have been reported.

The peak time for the spread of CIV (along with Bordatella) is in the summer months – because people travel more / board their dogs more / move / groom / social / etc.  Any dog that gets Bordatella vaccine is also at risk for CIV.

Please be prepared to protect dogs and YOUR FACILITY by vaccinating at risk dogs for CIV.   If you vaccinated your dog today, they would need to get a booster in 2-4 weeks.  This means it takes 4-6 weeks from starting, to protect the dog.  Staff dogs are at the highest risk because staff can carry the H3N2 virus home on their clothes and hands.

Here are some resources:

Pet Owners Guide to CIV

CIV Client Letter

Canine Influenza Tip Sheets

Merck Animal Health has shared some of the CIV resources above and notified ISVMA that the company is offering to vaccine specials to ISVMA members. Please email Tresa Tucker at